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In order for you to have the power in your home to operate the proper appliances and to heat them, you need to have some electrical installation and wiring done properly. This is considered to be part of the construction phase that has to be done by does qualified professional. You should also never attempt anything in your own like installing wirings and anything that is in  connection with the electricity if you do not have any proper training about it .      


There are some basic principles that you need to remember regarding electrical work. You should never start working with electricity until the power supply in the construction or in your home has been shut off or turned off. Another one is that, the wires of the same color connect with each other. Whenever you are installing the receptacle boxes, you should push the fair end of the wire directly into the spring grip  holes. Those boxes have labels on them so that it will tell you what color of wire will go into each of the holes.


The black wires in the cables are being used to connect the switches. The wiring that is being used in the construction as well as home is the number 12 or the number 14 gauge wiring. For any of those extended wearing circuit, it is always being used with the same size cable for the continuation of the electricity. You can seek help from the best electricien montreal has to offer. 


Whenever you are connected with the new wirings to  those existing wiring in the construction , you should  always do so in the last outlet in the table that is in one line. You can also find the last outlet by just removing the plate in order to see how many of the words are being connected into the main outlet. The last one will always be the wires that is connected into that two of the terminal screws. The two remaining terminal screws can be considered to be the starting point for those new wiring's. You will not have to check anymore to see which of the gauge cable was being used and you also need to have to continue with this one.              


Finally, unless those Junction boxes is already full, you can attach knew it wirings into this box. You need to trace the cable back to see what is the amount of voltage it is on so that you will not connect 120 voltage into that 240 voltage. Look up electricien montreal online to know more about your options in the area and get started. 


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